Road Trip, Part I (the limits of technology)

I’m in Cleveland for the IABC Heritage Region conference, and looking forward to our panel later today on starting and running a business in a downturn. I’ll blog about the conference later; a couple road trip revelations right now.

Technology Overload. All I needed to know was that my route went to Breezewood, onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike, to the Ohio Turnpike, and then turn off to Cleveland. But now we have too many satellite views, and the mapping companies feel the need to tell you about every turn–but not the big picture. (Yes, I got a little lost getting into the city. But then the old-fashioned telephone got me back on track.)

Comfort Music. I didn’t realize this until I ripped CDs on Saturday morning, but I needed a weird mix of new wave, country rock, 60s pop, indie rock, and a little salsa.

More from Cleveland later. Cleveland Indians‘s Bob DiBiasio is starting his talk about PR in the baseball realm.

Photo by bitterscripts (Flickr).

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