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Are You Inspiring Your Team Today?

Being a baseball booster can be fraught with disappointment. Just ask Cubs fans: 101 years and counting. My team, the Washington Nationals, is on its way to getting the first overall pick in the draft for the second year in a row. This isn't a good thing. Last month,...

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Brett Favre’s Problem

  Brett Favre seems to have forgotten that the NFL is a business. And, from a business perspective, he's quickly developing the wrong kind of reputation. Favre has made three key business errors: 1. He bad-mouthed his employer. It's not acceptable, and generally...

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Congratulations to the Boston Celtics. The NBA franchise demonstrates what happens when an organization pulls together people with diverse strengths into a cohesive whole. In contrast to the Lakers' team-built-around-one-main-man, the "Big Three" showed what happens...

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