The path to a more social business

Get on the Path to a More “Social” Business

Our Social Readiness Workshop is designed to help you assess your organization’s readiness to transition from just using social media in standalone ways to integrating it more seamlessly across your organization. Because, let’s face it, social media has made life both more interesting and far more complicated for many businesses.

More interesting, because social media has created new opportunities to engage with your customers and prospects. No longer do you talk with them only when they walk into your place of business, buy a product, book an appointment, call customer service, or otherwise come to you. Complicated, because now you have to figure out who should talk for your business online, where to be online, and how to keep track of everything and everyone.

The Social Readiness Workshop can help.

This workshop is intended to bring together management-level decision makers and your social media team to review your current policies and processes, to identify new opportunities to engage with your community, and to prepare your company to make the transition to a more “social” business. To help your keep overall control while simultaneously loosening the reins.

The Social Readiness Workshop is a customized, half-day workshop that will leave you with clear, actionable (and doable) next steps. These will include a roadmap for setting up an internal social governance committee to continue the work moving forward.

The price for the Social Readiness Workshop is $7,500. This includes workshop customization, the workshop, and two, 1-hour follow-up consultations to guide you in implementing your next steps.

Contact Daria  to learn more or to get started.

Also check out our free Social Business Readiness Checklist, which identifies 10 steps you need to take to prepare to be a more social business.