We have a history of successfully partnering with companies, associations, and international organizations to further their business goals. Here are a few examples.

Brand Building and Social Media Strategy

We provided brand-building and social media strategy around an initiative by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology to call attention to everyone’s role in infection prevention. The campaign included new consumer and health professional micro-sites and a re-branded Facebook page. The sites received over 20,000 unique visitors in the first six weeks, more than double the visitors from the previous year’s efforts; an accompanying infographic poster was downloaded nearly 5,000 times. In addition, the Infection Prevention and You campaign was featured in The Wall Street Journal and Fox Business News, as well as in various other publications (e.g., CDC’s Safe Healthcare, Rubbermaid’s Trash Talking Clean Freaks, and American Public Health Association’s Get Ready for Flu).

Integrating “Social” Across an Organization 

We worked with the Frederick Regional Health System to establish and launch a cross-departmental, cross-disciplinary team charged with thinking through the next steps in expanding the hospital’s use of social media. The goal was to tap into the collective wisdom of employees and volunteers to support the health system’s mission and deepen relationships with patients, their families, and the community; to generate new ideas faster; to identify expertise; and to enable a more effective workforce. The Social Media Advisory Council was tasked with reviewing existing policies and procedures governing the use of social media; establishing the criteria, workflow process, and content standards for new social media initiatives; and identifying and vetting pilot projects.

Rebranding and Strategic Communications

We partnered to conduct a communications audit of internal and external resources (including budgets) across business units, clinical service lines, and research institutes for the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, a complex university health care system, as part of a major rebranding and strategic communications initiative. We also helped to develop the marketing communications plan and key messaging for the launch of both a new brand and a new hospital, and we provided strategic counsel to a cross-functional team of brand ambassadors. The new brand, UHealth, leveraged a nationally recognized trademark icon, celebrated the School of Medicine’s clinical focus, and emphasized patient care (the health system’s “educated health care” brand) powered by the Miller School of Medicine’s pursuit of knowledge and scientific innovation.

Communications Planning and Community Outreach

We provided strategic counsel around a high-profile governance referendum and subsequently developed a marketing communications plan for Reston Association. As part of the planning process, we conducted one-on-one interviews with key staff, board members, local media, and local elected officials. We also conducted a series of nine focus groups with line staff, managers, volunteers, members in each of RA’s four districts, and business and civic leaders. The formative research led to revised messaging around the pillars of “live, work, [and] play” that remains the focus of RA’s efforts to this day.

Boosting Member Engagement in Advocacy

We worked with the American College of Cardiology on a refresh of the ACC CardioAdvocacy Network (ACC-CAN) brand and developed the key messaging and kick-off materials for the network re-launch. The re-branded ACC-CAN was successfully launched at a special event during the ACC annual meeting, generating new awareness of the network, new signups, and new energy among members in support of key ACC legislative and regulatory initiatives.

Positioning a Start-up for Success 

We conducted a business gap analysis for the Diversity and Flexibility Alliance, a membership-based organization that grew out of an initiative to create a more inclusive legal profession. We undertook a communications audit of existing materials and a competitive review of like organizations; we also conducted one-on-one interviews with key staff, advisory Board members, and Alliance members. The resulting gap analysis report identified five specific opportunities to move the brand and the business forward.